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When Buddy and I sold Gibsons Recycling Depot, after many years of working very hard to create Zero Waste solutions for our community, our passion, energy and commitment to help others on their path to creating Zero Waste lifestyles,businesses and communities did not diminish or retire. Instead with our usual gusto and a number of kitchen table conversations, we began a new chapter in our lives. Gibsons Zero Waste Solutions is part of the new chapter of our lives that is unfolding.

Over the years, Buddy and I have learned a great deal about Zero Waste, and as people who believe in hands-on experiences we have tested and used many products and ideas to reduce our environmental footprint.

Asking ourselves “what can we do now”, we answered, we can share our knowledge with others, we can use the skills we have developed and we can offer products to our local community that can help create more sustainable lifestyles that are actively making Zero Waste changes.

 Gibsons Zero Waste Solutions is a little shop with a purpose. The products featured  can to help  reduce waste, reduce plastic and toxins and encourage reuse and back yard or on-site solutions.

Welcome to the next chapter in our lives - Gibsons Zero Waste Solutions

Let us help you to make Zero Waste possible.


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