Bokashi composting is a process of fermentation that quickly and easily converts food waste into highly productive compost.  It is rapidly becoming many gardeners favored approach to building healthy and productive soils. The key to the bokashi process is fermentation. Through fermentation, bokashi composting generates the specialized microbes, yeast and fungi that are the primary building blocks of a healthy and productive soil structure.

Bokashi composting works on ALL food scraps: cooked foods, dairy, meat, grains, pasta, fruits and veggies.

Bokashi Living Starter Kit

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  • Successful bokashi composting typically uses 2 bins, as this allows you to CONTINUOUSLY collect and compost all of your food waste as it’s produced.

    Our 2 bin starter kit provides everything you need to successfully begin bokashi composting in your home, office, school or community.This 2 bin starter kit comes with  2 bags of premium bokashi bran.