Lemongrass & Peppermint with pure bamboo extract cleans your hair without the use of water. It works by absorbing oil from your scalp and hair, and making it look and feel freshly washed again.Puff onto hands or powder brush and distribute through base of hair, DO NOT blend in. Leave on for 5 minutes (allowing to absorb excess oil & odor) and then flip head upside down and blend in the powder vigorously with hands removing any excess. For extra oil absorption, blow dry the excess powder off of the roots of the hair.

Sulfate free, Talc free, Parabens free

No perfumes

No artifical fragrances

No fillers100% naturalMade with quality ingredeints: NON-GMO mineral rich clays and organic essential oils

Contains 100% pure bamboo extractRich in silica for healthy hair developmen


Cruelty free - not tested on animals, only on friends:)

Gluten free     100 g packaged in a recyclable/reusable aluminium bottle

Glowing Orchid Organics Natural Dry Shampoo for brunette hair