Natural muslin bag with cotton drawstring keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer than plastic bags - breathable fabric allows ethylene gas to escape.When dampened they provide a moist blanket keeping refrigerated greens nice and crisp for days. Reusable bags can be used for shopping for bulk food and produce as well as gift bags.

These bags are are easy to care for by washing them in COLD water and flat or line drying. They are unprocessed fabric so they may appear excessively wrinkled and shrunken after the first few washes depending on your water hardness and laundry detergent. DON'T BE ALARMED. You can stretch them back out and reduce the wrinkles by pulling on the fabric and smoothing the wrinkles on a flat surface when the bag is wet. After stretching and smoothing, lay it flat and air dry. Permanent shrinkage will be 7-10%.

Cotton bags are natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

Natural Muslin Bag 10"x 12"