VerTerra Dinnerware made of 100% renewable resources and BPI-certified compostable, VerTerra’s Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves™ are the stylishly sustainable alternative to disposable paper and plastic plates. No trees are ever harvested or cut down for this line. No chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are applied.Products are made with only leaves and water, VerTerra dinnerware is completely non-toxic.VerTerra dinnerware is significantly more durable than plastic or paper plates. It’s perfectly safe to heat VerTerra in the microwave for up to 2 minutes on high or in an oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes (making sure they are at least 6" from heat source). You can also store VerTerra products in the refrigerator or freezer. 25 plates in pack. plate large enough to hold half-chicken and two sides.

Verterra Palm Leaf Dinner plates 10 inch round